This project was born from an ambition : erect a new generation commercial pole where trade and urban territories are integrated into the natural environment.

This is what leads the project owner to opt for a bioclimatic architecture, with, among other things, a saw tooth roof that allows to let in the maximum of light, or a buried retention pond coupled with an air-conditioning and co-generation power system. Those equipment allowed to divide the energetic bill by three.

Beyond the building itself, its integration into the environment was subject to all attentions : its nature was reconfigured while preserving and extending the existing wetlands, and the swamp hydraulic system was completely rebuilt with the creation of regulation and public roads storm water purification impluviums, under the parking area.

This important investment was also used for interior design, required to be as a “modern market” by the U associate. This concept is based on 3 value-creation principles : local (partnership with local producers, participation to the local and associative life, and awareness of the environmental setting), know-hows (services and trade expertise) and a consumer-oriented retail space (ergonomics, signage, natural light…).

restaurant super U saint jeant de monts sentier du marais
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