Intangibles created the very first Esika Retail concept, the star-brand of Belcorp Group, which is the Latin-American leader of Direct Sales for beauty products.

Very active on the field thanks to its reseller/ambassadors and social medias, the brand already gathers a large community of beautistas keen on beauty tips (1M followers on facebook). It was all about bring life to the brand experience and traduce its key promise – empowerment through beauty – while embodying the essence of Latin-American women. For that purpose, the agency worked around the concept of “New Horizon”, playing both on its symbolism and visual impact : a red luminous line that grab and guide the look, offering a galvanizing perspective and a panoramic vision of Esika products.

The store is punctuated by brand speeches, in the form of beauty advices, tutorials and quiz, that guides the client to the product able to enhance her beauty. At the center, an experience table, heart of the empowerment, allows to interact with the products and Esika Beauty Coaches.

3 stores already opened in Colombia and Peru, and roll out is in ongoing in all Latin America.